Living Out Freedom


Living free is more than just your finances.  We have been hearing a lot about being debt free, and that’s great.  I believe it’s a must to gain wealth.  I also believe that you can apply the same principals you are using to crush your debt to any area of your life.  We all have areas in our lives that really could use an over haul everything from weight loss to just cleaning our houses.


I know a lot of people are turning their focus to putting their houses in order.  Some are simply cleaning and organizing.  Some going all the way and minimalizing, and throwing stuff out that they don’t need.  I am always working on both of these goals.  Getting rid of stuff can be tricky especially if you have a family that loves their things.  So my approach to minimalism has been too slowly eliminate things we don’t need and give them to people who need them.  Which reminds me I need to go through the drawers that I keep putting off.


baby steps

Taking baby steps in getting our goals done is key when it comes to any goals.  I started minimizing by literally going through a box a day.  My husband and I decided if we would commit to going through one box a day we could get rid of a lot of stuff and free up space in our home.  One box a day seemed possible, so that’s what we did.  We had a room filled with boxes and boxes of stuff from our move.  So we did our box a day for a few weeks, but what we were finding was that we wanted to do more boxes.  We were doing 2 and 3 boxes a day, and some days more. Getting boxes behind us motivated us to do more.  It took about six months and all the boxes were done.  Our initial goal was to have them done in a year.



Honestly our biggest obstacle was just getting started. Getting started is probably the hardest thing to do when it comes to our goals.  I can be bit of a perfectionist, so if I can’t start things perfectly I tend not to start.  I had to learn to overcome that mindset.  I realized I had to give myself permission to start sloppy sometimes.  At least it gets me out there and once I get started I get motivated and everything comes together.  Writing this blog for instance, I didn’t want to write and I didn’t feel like I had anything to say.  So I decided to just sit down and try, and after a while if I had nothing then I didn’t have to write, but as you can tell words started coming.    What are your biggest road blocks set up in your mind that you need to kick to the curb?  These mindsets have to be dealt with in order for us to truly live the free life we desire.  You won’t catch me saying it’s easy.


We have to employ our self-discipline like when getting out of debt.  I know it’s my favorite word too. LOL!!!  I hate self-discipline at first it’s hard and then I struggle until I find my motivation.  Motivation is like the wind in our sails when it comes to accomplishing our goals.  Once it starts filling us up we become unstoppable.  Then watch out because we will accomplish whatever we want.


Lately I have decided to confront one of my biggest nemesis sugar and carbohydrates.  I can admit I am a carbohydrate junkie.  I love the burst of energy I get from it and when I start to come down, I just eat more.  I have been thinking about doing a sugar cleanse for months.  I finally got motivated and started the Whole 30 diet.  This diet is basically a food sugar cleanse for 30 days.  You just eat meats, vegetables, and fruits, and they can’t have added sugar.  Surprisingly I found out bacon and sausage have sugar in them.  I did find a paleo bacon at wholefoods that I can eat, so that was a win.  You can’t eat condiments because of added sugar and preservatives.  So I learned to make mayo just today.  It actually was a quick process and I know there are no preservatives.  It’s not too bad either.


frustrated beautiful young businesswoman

I will say my first week was rough.  I had dizzy spells and I was sweating.  My body was basically throwing a temper tantrum.  I told myself “you can do whatever you want, but you can’t quit.”  That was the only thing I could not do. I knew my first morning of coffee with no sugar was going to be rough, so I googled ways of drinking coffee without sugar.  Thanks to Youtube I was introduced to many different ways, but the most interesting was bulletproof coffee whole 30 style.  I say Whole 30 style because it’s not the original way of making it.  I can’t have dairy on this diet, so you use ghee and coconut oil.  You mix it in a blender and it gets all throthy and looks really good, but I haven’t ventured there yet.  I am using coconut cream, and no it doesn’t taste like coconuts darn it, and I added a little cinnamon.  Honestly my first cup of sugar free coffee went surprisingly well.


I am on my second week and my dizzy spells have gone away.  I am still sweating, but I think that’s just my body detoxing.  I am drinking a lot of lemon water to help the process.  I have never eaten some many vegetables in my life.  I am trying all kinds of new dishes.  The food has been really good.  My husband has been eating it even though he is not doing Whole 30.


So what started out with discipline has ended up being inspiring and I am learning a lot about my body.  I have learned white potatoes don’t agree with me at all.  So I took it out of my diet and I am doing better.  I also learned vegetables I wasn’t able to eat before I can now eat.  I am looking forward to learning what other foods don’t agree with me when I start adding foods back into my diet after 30 days.  So this has been a good experience for me and all I had to do was just start.


The obstacle I have and I am facing seem to be working themselves out too.  I  had a Father’s Day cook out, so I cooked Whole 30 with extras added for our guests.  I also did dessert, so I bought it instead of preparing it.  It’s too tempting to dip your finger into the batter for a little taste.  I also had my God sons for a week, so I planned meals ahead of time.  If I have my plan in place I will stick to the diet.  My husband has been preparing me by eating ice cream in front of me. LOL!! I am really not craving sugar, so it’s all good.


future ahead

I find it helpful if I start looking ahead to future goals as I am accomplishing my immediate goals.  I mentioned my plans for after the diet.  I already know I am not putting sugar back into my diet.  It wasn’t benefiting to my health, so it can stay out of my diet.  I am planning on adding steel cut oats, organic tortilla chips, and beans back into my diet.  If you add a new food once a week it will help you decide what is good to take in and what foods to leave out.  I have already seen some amazing results my Raynaud’s is getting better, my sinuses have cleared, and I haven’t had any swelling.  I can’t wait to find out what foods were causing the problems.


Getting motivated for your future goals keeps you moving forward, but don’t forget to stay focused on the right now.  I find being present and in the moment helps keep my energy flowing.  Like when you are paying down those credit cards, it’s nice to think about when the debt is gone, but you are seriously enjoying paying off each card one at a time.  Being present can be hard when it feels like all work no play.  In the beginning of any task will feel like that, but then things start coming together, you see results, and boom your motivation is back.  So don’t let a little work discourage you.  Self- discipline is the conduit that gets us results, so it’s not all bad.


When you accomplish your goals it’s a sweet victory.  You feel great and you’re ready to take on the world.  Just remember between starting and finishing you have a middle, and that middle is what lasts the longest.  It’s better than your beginning, but not as fun as your ending.  During that middle you find periods of plodding along and sometimes waiting.  Waiting can be the worst because you want to do something, anything to help the process go faster.  That is how I feel about paying off my house, but I can only pay on it when I have the money.  So I wait for those moments I have cash in hand.  Eventually the task will be accomplished and the moment will be sweet.


little 4

Little steps are better than giant ones.  I have always been a giant stepper.  I like to wait until I have significant amounts of cash before paying stuff down, but it’s the little bit by bit that accomplishes the goals.  If you take giant step then when you go backwards you have to take giant steps back and that can be discouraging.  If you plod along little by little, the steps backwards aren’t as great.  Believe me you will have moments of stepping backwards.  A slip on your diet, you over spend on something, bills you didn’t expect, etc.  These little life happenings can be frustrating, but if you are focused on the bit by bit you will get there.



Whatever your task you can accomplish it with perseverance, self- discipline, and sweet motivation.  These are the tools you need to accomplish any task.  So enjoy working with them and embrace their purpose in your life.  Pass these tools down to your children, so they can taste victory in their lives as well.  Enjoy your journey and look forward to your sweet victory.


Left Over:  I wanted to encourage those of you that are struggling with the process of accomplishing your goals.  Sometimes it looks really tempting to deviate from the plan, but that always makes you feel worse and delays real gratification.  Small rewards along the way can help you stay motivated.  Deep breathing and refocusing can be a great way to alleviate the stress too.  I find just getting out into nature helps relieve stress, even if it’s for a few moments.  Whatever helps you relieve stress, employ that for the journey, and the road will seem smoother.


Update: Since I wrote this I finished the whole 30 diet.  Yay!!! It wasn’t easy, but I am glad I did it.  I am gradually adding foods back into my diet this week is dairy.  I did really well with oats, but I do need to stay gluten free.  It will take several more weeks before I know exactly what I can keep and what I need to eliminate from my diet.  This was a small victory that is making a huge difference in my health.





Happy Full Plate Friday!!!!

Clarissa Hallowell




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